This website is devoted to a topic that most speech therapists and most professors of speech therapy wished would simply go away. It is a website that questions the core beliefs held by most who work with people who stutter. These core beliefs are that stuttering is a behavior that is complex, often inherited, and often very difficult to treat and anyone who offers a simple solution must be a charlatan.

Read the report. It suggests that for roughly one third of adult males who stutter, their symptoms can be put into permanent remission by the simple expedient of taking one or two readily available supplements daily. These supplements work because they address the trigger for stuttering.

The response of the profession to this news has been no response. The concepts are so simple yet so radically different from the common (and incorrect) beliefs that it appears that most professionals simply do not know how to react. Fear seems to be their dominant emotion.

But you, dear reader, are free to make up your own mind, you have no professional image to maintain and I encourage you to do so.